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villa demidoff gigante

Very near the city but with a character all of its own is Fiesole, high on the hill overlooking Florence and with a wonderful panoramic view.

Posted on 24/3/2014


Medici Villas and gardens recently become a part of World Heritage for UNESCO. Ten out of fourteen beautiful gardens are located in the province of Florence or very close to the city.

Posted on 9/6/2014


The Medici Park of Pratolino, one of the largest parks in Tuscany, has been opening again since Easter and the visitors will be able to enjoy and discover its meadows, woods, and wonders throughout the summer until the end of October.

Posted on 31/10/2017


Since 2013 the Medici villas and gardens have become World Heritage Sites. There are 14 Medici treasures on the whole, ten of which are located in the provincial territory of Florence.

Posted on 23/5/2013