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turiste con gelato

In the environs of Florence there are several adventure parks where you can go if you are getting tired of Florence's art.

Posted on 19/6/2017


A new 12 km loop hiking trail runs along the old local road that connected the hamlets of Caiano, Fornace, Rincine and Petroio until Londa.

Posted on 16/6/2014


The Pratolino Park is in the north of Florence, about 13 km from the town, in Pratolino, Via Fiorentina 276, in Comune di Vaglia.

Posted on 21/2/2012


Medici Villas and gardens recently become a part of World Heritage for UNESCO. Ten out of fourteen beautiful gardens are located in the province of Florence or very close to the city.

Posted on 9/6/2014


The Park of Poggio Valicaia is set in the hills to the south west of Florence in the municipality of Scandicci. It was once an extensive, privately-owned farm but when it was donated to the town, it was turned into a public park.

Posted on 1/4/2014


All the parks, including Pratolino, have some rules that must be followed in order to use the space correctly and for the safety of the visitors. Pratolino Park these rules are even more important because of its big dimensions, precious pieces of art, which are surrounded by woods, a lake and a pond, which is not always accessible.

Posted on 15/4/2014