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Conscious tourists are the ones who respect the rules of the place where they are on holiday. And if you booked an apartment in Florence, you have to know that in this city we collect waste separately.

We expect our guests to do the same! As separate waste collection varies from city to city (because machineries change), here are some rules to help you.

Is your apartment in the old town? Paper and cardboard must be put out at the doorstep of the building at nighttime, wrapped with care to prevent scattering them.
Waste is collected on different days, according to the street: here you can find the exact day for the street where you are living temporarily.

There are also underground bins, where you can throw organic, multi-material and residual waste.
Organic: in a securely tied bag you can put food scraps, wet or oily paper napkins, cut grass or prunings.
Multi-material: here you can throw plastic bottles and phials, plastic bags and nets, blister packs, polystyrene; plastic glasses and dishes, cellophane, aluminium and tin cans; all glass and waxed cartons, well compressed if possible.
Residual waste: all the remaining waste after separate collection, except expired medicine, batteries, toner.

Outside of the old town the collection follows the same rules, but waste must be thrown into normal bins: in some areas there are locked up bins, you will have to ask the landlord for the key.

Hereunder you will find the map of underground bins in the old town (the area highlighted in green).



Florence is partner of an European project called Urban Waste for the sustainability of popular tourist destinations

Published: 28/11/2017

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