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In this section you will find indications where to get high-quality drinking water for free.

Fontanello Piazza Signoria 2

It means that during your stay at Florence you would not need to buy countless number of plastic bottles. Public drinking fountains supply “already good to drink” water, which allows you to cut down on your expenses. The habit of refilling plastic and glass containers is increasing and widespreading not only among residents, but city visitors as well.

In the Historic Centre of Florence you can find drinking fountains in Piazza della Signoria, close to Palazzo Vecchio and behind the statue of Neptune (certainly the drinking fountain has been immediately appreciated by many tourists who pass through it during the day and night) or in via dell'Agnolo in the area of Sant'Ambrogio. There is a drinking fountain also in the popular quarter of Oltrarno, this fountain is located in the public garden of Piazza Tasso. However, there are numerous fountains in the peripheral districts.

This service is included in the URBAN-WASTE project which is funded by the European Commission. This project involves Florence and other European cities with the aim of solving the problem of waste.

You can find below the list and the map of drinking fountains in the city.

Published: 24/1/2014

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