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In terms of responsible and sustainable tourism, it is preferable to use public transport to reach Florence and get around the city.

eco mobilita

Otherwise you can reach Florence by using so called car pooling, which means that you can get a lift by those who are travelling to your destination for personal or work reasons. There are different sites which provide information about this service:

Car pooling
BlaBla Car

The historic centre of Florence has been pedestrialised. The first tram line connecting Scandicci and the city centre had started its’ operations only a few years ago, with an aim to make urbanized areas more greener, quieter and less polluted. City’s size and characteristics allows visitors and residents to leave their cars at home. Tram, as a method of transport, allows to reduce the emissions of polluting substances, and pays greater attention and awareness of
nature and the territory sustainability.

Only Line 1 connecting Florence to Scandicci is currently active. Work has just began for Lines 2 and 3.

In terms of sustainability, cycling certainly represents one of the most widespread ways of getting around the city,which guarantees maximum respect for the environment. Florence has a cycle path network, which allows tourists to explore the city really easy and safely.

To rent a bike, kindly check the database under the item VIVI FIRENZE (EXPERIENCE FLORENCE).

Finally, it is worth to mention recent initiative called A Thousand And One Bikes. You can rent a bike in one pick-up point and give it back in another one.


Published: 3/2/2011

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