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teatro dellopera

Made in New York. Keith Haring, Paolo Buggiani and co.

Do not miss the exhibition at Palazzo Medici Riccardi dedicated to Keith Haring and Paolo Buggiani in the background of an incendiary New York in the early Eighties.

Published: 28/10/2017


Museo degli Innocenti reopened

One of the oldest European institutions of assistance to children has reopened its doors after a long period of refurbishment begun in 2010, with its splendid museum that has been completely restored.

Published: 20/6/2016



All visitors of the city of Florence are encouraged to love and respect it. The Florence Experience is something unique and unforgettable.

Published: 27/10/2017


Tales of a whale

New permanent exhibition at the Museum of Natural History of the University of Florence, Palaeontology section: it tells the Stories of a whale.

Published: 10/5/2016


Zeffirelli Center for the Performing Arts

The San Firenze complex, once the city’s main courthouse, now has a new function as the home of the prestigious Centro Franco Zeffirelli, which plays multiple roles as the foundation’s office, school, museum and exhibition venue.

Published: 27/9/2017


Around Florence

Very near the city but with a character all of its own is Fiesole, high on the hill overlooking Florence and with a wonderful panoramic view.

Published: 4/4/2016


An artist's home

The studio-home of sculptor Sauro Cavallini, who died during summer 2016, will be open for visits. Situated on the hill of Fiesole amid olive groves and ancient trees, over 300 sculptures remain to tell the story of Cavallini’s artistic parabola.

Published: 18/1/2017


Palazzo Medici Riccardi the house of the Medici Family

Palazzo Medici Riccardi is the prototype of civil Renaissance architecture. Situated in via Cavour, which was once called via Larga (or large street) the Palace is one of the most beautiful in the city.

Published: 1/7/2014