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villa demidoff gigante

persone con bambiniThe Pratolino park spread out to the hills of Mugnone Valley, tributary of the Arno. Those are low hills with an agricultural aspect alternated with wild and wooded areas with variable extensions that creates a mosaic effect, highly important from an environmental and landscape point of view and it also gives a typical image of the Tuscan countryside.

Villa Demidoff and the park do not live only on pieces of art: it is also a huge landscape park where you will find centuries-old trees, such as oaks, citron tree, horse chestnut: real natural and suggestive monuments.
A faunal census of some year ago gave unexpected results for the visitor: in the park lives more than 99 species of animals, among which 54 birds, 24 mammalian, 8 reptiles, 7 amphibian and 6 fishes.


Published: 15/3/2018

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