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villa demidoff gigante

The Pratolino Park is closed for the winter season. It will reopen on Easter Day, April 1 until October 28, 2018.

locanda demidoffIt will be open to the public with free entrance on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and holidays, 10am-8pm, in October 10am-6pm.

If you are a group and you want to visit it during the winter season, please get in touch with the Park offices.

Park Offices  + 39 055 4080721/ 055 4080723 from Monday to Friday 9am-3pm
Info Point Comune di Vaglia: +39 393.8685826, email (April-May Saturday 12pm-5pm, Sundays and Holidays 12pm-6pm, June-September Saturday 11am-6pm, Sundays and Holidays  11-19)
Tourist Information Office +39 055 290832 - +39 055 290833 (from Monday to Friday 9am-1pm)
Park Reception +39 055 4080741 - +39 055 409427 (from April to October, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and holidays 10am-8pm)
Inside the park you will find toilet facilities, a playground area for children, free wifi and a restaurant and coffee bar service (actually the oldest building in the park).

Access to the park for the disabled
The Park is not easily accessible to people with impaired motor skills, due to the presence of differences in level and natural obstacles (branches, holes, unsurfaced paths).
The steep slope in the first part of the way makes it necessary for people in wheelchairs to be accompanied.

Motor vehicles are not allowed inside the park. The disabled person, after showing the handicap placard, can enter and park
the car at the entrance next to the Reception, to avoid crossing the busy via Fiorentina, but cannot reach the central area
of the Park.

For information, requests and reports please contact the Management:
email - tel. +39 055 4080721 mobile +39 3357305896
What can you visit?
The visiting area is mainly the monumental one, where the most important buildings and places of interest are located: Locanda, Cappella del Buontalenti, Vasca della Maschera, Grotta di Cupido, Grotta del Mugnone, Paggeria, Monument to Demidoff, the Big Aviary. The long restoration work of the beautiful statue by Giambologna "The Giant of the Apennine" was completed and it can be fully appreciated again since 2014. The Wooden Models of Sacred Drama Staging in Renaissance Florence have been arranged inside the complex of the Buontalenti Stables, completely restored in 2017.
Guided visits
If you are interested in visiting the park along with a legitimate tour guide or environmental guide the Head Office of the Park will provide you with contacts of the guides who did a specific training on Pratolino Medici Park.




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Published: 15/3/2018

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