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villa demidoff gigante

All the parks, including Pratolino, have some rules that must be followed in order to use the space correctly and for the safety of the visitors. Pratolino Park these rules are even more important because of its big dimensions, precious pieces of art, which are surrounded by woods, a lake and a pond, which is not always accessible.

regolamento parco

You will find a long list of rules at the entrance of the park, but it does not affect neither the beauty nor the huge spaces, where everyone can find its “favourite corner”.

We ask all the visitors to respect the restricted areas in particularly, delimited by a drew string, which is not physically impassable, but it is a specific sign of an area (very big) where you can stay and walk safely;  to go acrossit, would mean to break the rules.

The rules are:
Walk only along signed paths
Respect the trees ( you cannot climb on them, to do that you can go to the adventure park!) and animals
Your dog can come along only with muzzle and tether
Be careful on where you leave cigarets
Throw the garbage in the trash basket
Do not start fires
When you play, be careful for whomever is around you
If you are listening to music, do not play it loudly
If you are under 14, you must be with an adult



Published: 15/3/2018

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