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Located not far from the stadium, near Piazza Alberti, the abbey of San Salvi, of the Vallombrosa order, is off the main tourist routes.

andreasartoIt is, however, well worth a visit because one can admire the monks’ refectory frescoed by Andrea del Sarto representing a scene from the Last Supper.

 A recurring theme in the refectories of Florentine monasteries, the Last Supper is often associated with the unfortunate fresco in Milan by Leonardo da Vinci, whose influence can be detected in the works of Andrea del Sarto.
Andrea Del Sarto painted this beautiful fresco – which recalls the version by Leonardo – over a considerable period of time, completing it in 1526.
The connection to Leonardo can be recognized in the choice of the moment of the Last Supper that has been depicted, when Jesus announces that one of the twelve will betray him and John, greatly alarmed, asks him: “Who, Lord?” This fresco is the most important work in this small, neat and pristine museum, far away from the crowds. There are, however, other beautiful paintings and frescos on display, by artists such as Pontormo and Franciabigio.
There is a particularly interesting sandstone basin, made by Benedetto da Rovezzano, located in the anti-chamber before the refectory.
The next room, also remarkable, is the huge old kitchen of the abbey, with an enormous chimneypiece and a fresco, entitled Noli Me Tangere, by Franciabigio.

Andrea del Sarto’s Last Supper is in Via di San Salvi, 16 and can be reached from the city centre with the nr. 20 bus (bus stop: Lungo L’Affrico).
Free admission.



Published: 6/11/2015

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