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After being under restoration for several years, the Florentine home where Giorgio Vasari spent the last years of his life and died in 1574 is reopening to the public.

casa del vasari caminoOver the years the privately-owned house had undergone many changes, however the Sala Grande, the ‘Big Hall’ frescoed by the master and his collaborators, had remained intact, though in need of restoration.
The lease of this Florentine residence was offered to Vasari in 1557 by the Grand Duke. In 1561 the house, which is located in Borgo Santa Croce and had once belonged to Niccolò Spinelli, was donated to the artist as a sign of gratitude for services rendered.
Having previously decorated his house in his native city, Arezzo, around 1572 the artist, together with his collaborators, frescoed various rooms, among 
which the Sala Grande, choosing to represent the arts and the supremacy of painting through a series of stories from the works of Pliny, allegorical images and portraits of artists.
Vasari chose thirteen artists he particularly admired either for their role as forerunners, for the high quality of their works, or because they played a fundamental role in his formation as an artist.
Embellished by a remarkable collection of paintings by his contemporaries, the house remained in Vasari’s family until the death of his last descendant in 1687. Afterwards, the works of art it had contained were dispersed, the house and its rooms underwent considerable changes, but luckily the Sala Grande was saved.
Today’s restoration allows visitors to rediscover a place of great beauty and extraordinary charm as it was conceived over four centuries ago.

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Published: 9/3/2014

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