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turiste con gelato

Museo della Specola, situated on Via Romana not far from the Pitti Palace and Boboli Gardens, opened to the public in 1775 and is one of the oldest of the great European scientific museums.

Published: 24/2/2017


The Marino Marini Museum: solitary sculptures

The Marino Marini Museum is in Florence, within a short walking distance from Piazza della Repubblica. Located in an ancient church now deconsecrated, it has been beautifully readapted to house the sculptures on display according to modern criteria.

Published: 3/1/2017


The Courage to Dare: a film about the Duomo

Teatro Niccolini welcomes visitors to the Great Duomo Museum. A film will prepare the viewers so that they can understand the genesis of the monuments in Piazza Duomo and the masterpieces located there.

Published: 24/10/2016


The Rucellai Chapel a masterpiece of the Renaissance

The Little Temple of the Holy Sepulchre is permanently open to the public with access from the Marino Marini Museum.

Published: 3/1/2017


Restoration of the Stories from Genesis in the Green Cloister

After a full cycle of restoration, the Stories from Genesis are once again visible in the Green Cloister (east side) at Santa Maria Novella. By Paolo Uccello and assistants.

Published: 4/4/2016


The Egyptian section of the Archaeological Museum of Florence

The Egyptian Museum of Florence is the second most important in Italy after the museum of Turin and it is situated inside the National Archaeological Museum of Florence.

Published: 3/11/2016


The ‘Ximeniano’: sky and earthquakes

Strolling in Piazza San Lorenzo with your eyes on the rooftops, you will notice an unusual building with a little dome in front of the church. It is the Ximeniano Observatory, a scientific institute that has been active for 250 years.

Published: 1/3/2016