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Did you know that on the first Sunday of each month State Museums are free for everyone?


Taking advantage of the free entrance to Boboli and Bardini gardens, we would like to suggest, for a first Sunday of the month, a walking itinerary to enjoy the beauty of Florence among gardens, fortresses, ancient walls and wonderful views of the city.

The tour begins from the beautiful Piazza della Signoria, a real “open air museum”, where you can enjoy a replica of Michelangelo's David, a replica of Donatello's Giuditta, Neptune's Fountain or “Biancone”, as the Florentines have jokingly renamed it (at the moment under restorations), the Loggia dei Lanzi with Cellini's Perseo or the "Ratto delle Sabine" by Giambologna.

From here you can walk on passing through the Galleria degli Uffizi colonnade, over the Ponte Vecchio, until you reach Palazzo Pitti, the last home of the Medici family, from which you enter the Boboli garden.
Here, if you wish, you could also visit for free Galleria Palatina and Galleria d'Arte Moderna, or the Museo degli Argenti and the Galleria del Costume, but this time we would like to recommend an open air itinerary to benefit from the light and the colours of the coming Fall.

After having wandered high and low through Boboli, taking a quick look at the Museo delle Porcellane too, we climb up to the Forte Belvedere (open in summer only) and have a fantastic view.

After visiting (or not) the fort you go down from Costa San Giorgio to the entrance of the Bardini garden, one of the most beautiful “terraces” of the city. Afterwards you walk back up towards the Forte di Belvedere, you pass through the Porta San Giorgio and you keep walking on Via di Belvedere along the ancient Arnolfo Di Cambio's walls, climbing up and down along the hill, to reach the Rose Garden.
This garden is regularly open every day, from 9am to sunset, with free admission.  
After walking among Folon's delicate statues in this garden, we can go on to Piazzale Michelangelo where you can enjoy the classic but timeless view of the city (best enjoyed at sunset).

Finally, we walk up to the Basilica di San Miniato al Monte where, if we get there around 6pm, we can listen to the gregorian chants sung by the monks in the crypt of this Romanesque building. The church in itself is magnificent, but the atmosphere that you experience in the crypt during the chants, among sounds, lights and colours, is truly magical.

Now, if you are feeling tired, you can catch, from Piazzale Michelangelo, Ataf bus n. 12 or 13 that will take you near to Piazza Stazione, the central station square (the bus ticket can be bought from tobacconists, news-stands or some cafés and has to be validated on the bus at the start of the first ride).

If you still feel like walking a bit more, we invite you to climb down “the ramps”, up to Piazza Poggi and from there cross the Ponte alle Grazie bridge and get to Piazza Santa Croce, where the church hosts “the urns of the great ones” (Michelangelo, Machiavelli, Galileo Galilei, Gioacchino Rossini, Ugo Foscolo, just to name a few). This church is on payment and the admission fee is 8 Euros.
Passing then through Borgo dei Greci we finally go back to Piazza della Signoria, where we started.

Click here for a list with opening hours and ticket prices for places of interest in Florence and its surroundings where you can tell which State Museums are open for free for everybody on the first Sunday of the month.




Published: 31/8/2017

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