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The Pitti Palace, the “new home” of the ruling family selected by Eleanor of Toledo. A real royal palace for the lords of Florence and Tuscany, it is one of the city’s most known places.

This was the residence of many Florentine reigning families – the Medici, then the Lorena, and the Savoia family later on, during the period when Florence was the Capital city. All of those family contributed to enrich and modify this wonderful building, which had once belonged to the Pitti family – the building still keeps their name


If you want to visit it, you have to bear in mind that it is like an extraordinary “container” of museums, and you can choose between two different museum paths. You can either select one of them, or buy tickets for both. The latter option allows you to discover both these museum experiences.

The first option allows you to visit the great Palatine Gallery, full of Renaissance paintings collected by the Medici family. This museum opened to the public by Leopoldo II of Lorena – it is an exhibition in the XVIII century style. Entire walls are covered with paintings in sumptuous golden frames. The exhibition is not ideally enjoyable, but its opulence is impressive. You can admire as many as 8 paintings by Raffaello, others by Tiziano, Caravaggio, Rubens.

This kind of ticket includes the possibility to visit the monumental apartments – on the right wing of the Palace and arranged in fourteen rooms – that had been the private residence of reigning the families. Here, furnishings and works of art come from the XVI-XIX centuries. Furthermore, the ticket allows you to visit the important Modern Art Gallery. Here, the works on display belong mainly to the XIX century, with an important suite of paintings by the Macchiaioli, an artistic movement acting against the Academy and its rigorous rules.

The other ticket option includes the possibility to visit the further collections on display in the historical rooms of the Boboli Garden, and, of course, the garden itself.

In this area, several collections have been put together: the Museo del Tesoro dei Granduchi (the Medici Treasury), a precious collection of old pots and hardstones – which had belonged to Lorenzo il Magnifico – Cosimo I’s beloved cameos, Francesco I’ rock crystal items, Maria Maddalena of Austria’s amber items. Any member of the family has contributed to improve such collection. You can also enjoy a wide area dedicated to the jewel that enriches such a beautiful museum, which you can find in the ground floor and mezzanine rooms.

With the same ticket you can visit the Museo della Moda e del Costume (Costume Gallery) too, a collection of old and new dresses, stage accessories and costumes, whose selection is renewed each 2/3 years.

This artistic path puts together said museums and The Boboli Garden. It is a vast and variegated green area, where art and nature alternate, and Italian-style garden and “wilderness” are perfectly blended. This garden is full of peculiar spots – the Buonatalenti’s grotto, the open-space amphitheatre, the Fountain of the Ocean.

In the garden you can find a Neoclassical structure – the Knight’s Lodge – hosting the third museum visitable with this option, the Porcelain Museum, a wide collection of the European best manufactured items that were used to lay rich tables.

With the same ticket, beside what the Pitti Palace offers, you can also visit the nearby Bardini Garden, with a breathtaking view on Florence.

As per updated opening hours of these and other museums, please visit our website.


Published: 28/8/2015

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