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Who thinks that Florence is only the cradle of the Renaissance?
Florence is universally considered to be the City of art par excellence, an everlasting outdoor museum with its priceless heritage, the perception of the city is surely univocal in everyone’s mind; the main idea is that of a city basically linked to the Renaissance.

firenze teatro dell opera

Nevertheless, when visitors arrive in the city, they realize that its role is not limited to just one epoch, and so they can see how the signs of history are effectively placed side by side.   
Still today, Florence undoubtedly continues to be a fundamental centre for art and culture, a place where people can enjoy art in all its forms. In fact, not a day seems to have passed since the time when, according to Vasari, Lorenzo the Magnificent (Lorenzo il Magnifico) welcomed talented young people who went to the city in his Garden of San Marco; these people were attracted by the beauty of the place and the cultural fervour of those years…   
As in the past, Florence continues to be a very important centre for art and, especially in the last few years, it is turning its attention to contemporary art, by promoting new expressive languages and artistic avant-gardes.
One only needs to think of the Biennial, established in 1997 and still today one of the world’s biggest fairs, as well as cultural events, such as The screen of art and considerable meetings/debates on the theme of contemporary art, its values and meanings in the new global context.
One also needs to think of the countless galleries, the significant centres of contemporary culture, the installations, the parks-sculptures spread all over the territory, the fascinating architecture of the Twentieth Century. Moreover, the city’s most historic and popular monuments properly illuminated with the most modern techniques are also enhanced in a pleasant harmony between old and modern.
Therefore, let us re-launch a “new” Florence that commendably grabs its present needs from its glorious past, between tradition and innovation.
So, a very rich and promising season is about to start!
Published: 6/12/2013

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