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turiste con gelato

The Arno River is among the first Italian rivers in order of length, as it stretches for 241 kilometers from its source on the southern slope of Mount Falterona, in the tosco-romangolo Apennines, to its mouth in the Ligurian Sea.

Published: 13/4/2016


Niccolini Theatre re-opens

Teatro Niccolini, the oldest theatre in Florence, was inaugurated in 1658 as the seat of the theatrical company called the ‘Accademia degli Infuocati’. This was one of the two Florentine dramatic companies that descended from the splitting up of the earlier ‘Accademia degli Immobili’ company.

Published: 27/1/2016


Dante's Florence

A Dantesque district exists in Florence. It is enclosed by Piazza della Signoria, Orsanmichele, the Tower of Castagna, the oratory of Buonomini of San Martino and Badia Fiorentina: in short, it is the medieval heart of Florence, wedged between the houses made of stone with the rising towers.

Published: 15/10/2014


Discover Palazzo Pitti

The Pitti Palace, the “new home” of the ruling family selected by Eleanor of Toledo. A real royal palace for the lords of Florence and Tuscany, it is one of the city’s most known places.

Published: 28/8/2015


Glimpses of baroque in Florence

Say Florence and the Renaissance comes to mind, but the city also boasts a number of very interesting baroque buildings. Here is a short tour itinerary to explore them.

Published: 1/3/2014


Le Murate, a contemporary art destination

Born in 2014 out of an urban renewal plan, on the basis of a project by architect Renzo Piano, Le Murate. Contemporary Art Projects offers exhibitions, meetings, performances and workshops focused on the issues and artistic languages of contemporary art.

Published: 4/2/2015


Elegant, eccentric Art Nouveau

There are some extremely fine examples of Art Nouveau in Florence,

Published: 22/1/2014