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Florence has always been a tolerant city. Here, in 1789,  Peter Leopold Grand Duke of Tuscany, abolished for the first time the death penalty.


Later in 1853 Leopold II abolished the punishments for homosexuality, for the first time in Italy. Even before the dynasty of the Medici, who held the reins of the city from the fifteenth to the eighteenth century, promoted tolerance, artistic, cultural and scientific life. Some of the great artists, protagonists of the Renaissance in Florence, were gay. Among the numerous representatives of the family, some were certainly homosexual: Pope Leo X (Giovanni de 'Medici, 1475-1521), Ferdinando II (1610-1670), and his nephew and last of the dynasty Giovanni Gastone de' Medici (1671-1737 ).
In the Florence of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, there was a series of  places where homosexual meetings could be held.

Coming to today, Florence is a city open to LGBT tourism; and even today you can find out about gay friendly bars and cafés.

The Piccolo Café in Borgo Santa Croce, a few meters from the Basilica, is a disco-cocktail bar (open every day from 10pm to 2.30pm); the Quuer Cocktail is in Borgo Allegri 9R, in Santa Croce area as well; the American bar is a cocktail bar and pub, open every evening from 7pm to 3am.
As for the music scene and dancing, we point out the gay disco Crisco Club OK in via Sant'Egidio (open on Sunday and Thursday from 10pm to 3 am; Friday and Saturday from 10pm to 6am in the morning. The Cruising bar is for men only.
Within the Full Up Disco (Via della Vigna Vecchia 23r) there is the Fairy Gold: it's a gay, lesbian and hetero-friendly disco with two rooms: one with commercial dance and the other with techno music.
We also report the Gay and Lesbian Action evenings organized by Arci Gay at the FLOG Auditorium. To know the program of the events check their website The FLOG Auditorium is located in the “Poggetto” area of Florence, via Mercati 24B.

In Florence there is also a sauna for men only (to enter you need to be a member  of the club): it's the Florence Bath, via Guelfa 93red, open from 1pm to 2am all year round.

The Italian Association of Tourism Gay & Lesbian is the Italian association of tourism companies whose purpose is to promote LGBT Tourism in Italy. Among the numerous companies operating in this sector, throughout Europe (including Florence) we also mention Gaily Tours in Europe









Published: 6/11/2016

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