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turiste con gelato

An exhaustive visit led by a professional of works or places allows visitors to get every aspect of it at best.  Ask a licensed tour guide for your tour of Florence.

i turisti in piazza della signoria

The tourist guides authorized by the Municipality of Florence can be recognized by the badge that they wear, which is clearly visible on their chest.

Kindly remember that the tourist guide is the person who, through his or her profession, accompanies individuals or groups of people with the aim of describing historical, artistic, monumental, landscape attractions, as well as the productive resources of the territory.

If you want to choose the guide for your visit to Florence or the surroundings, kindly select from the list of associations that is next to the map, below.

Or you can check the authorized Tourist Guide Name Guide turistiche provincia per provincia > Elenco provincia di Firenze (that  means List for Florence and/or the province).




Published: 13/11/2018

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