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Tourist information in the area Valdarno

The stretch of the Arno valley that lies within the province of Florence is known as the Valdarno Superiore. The terrain near the river is flat, while gentle hills rise towards the east.

Published: 4/6/2018


The Valdarno: Masaccio and the sites of his early career

On 21 December 1401, Tommaso di ser Giovanni Cassai – better known as Masaccio – was born in Castel San Giovanni, nowadays San Giovanni Valdarno in the province of Arezzo.

Published: 17/4/2014


The walls of Figline

Figline is a strategic centre situated on the linear system of settlements of the Upper Valdarno and finds itself on a narrow plain formed by the Arno river, at the foot of the hilly system of the Chianti mountains.

Published: 15/7/2014


Along the Arno

This page is about a trip to the area known as the Valdarno superiore fiorentino, the stretch of the river Arno running from Figline Valdarno to Florence.  Along the road are castles, villas, country parish churches and some beautiful countryside.

Published: 31/5/2013