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On the hill of Vespignano, near Vicchio, stands the house which saw the birth of Angiolo di Bondone, better known as Giotto.

la casa di giotto esterno

The restoration put in hand by the commune of Vicchio has been aimed above all at making this ancient country dwelling into a centre of knowledge and an incentive in art in the present day.

To attain this end the space has been divided ideally into 4 large areas: reception, Giotto and the Territory on the ground floor, with workshops occupying the spaces on the upper storey. The life of Giotto is related on a video, while interactive multimedia points will serve to supply additional information on matters connected with the artist, according to the interests of the individual visitor.  
As regards the territory, the interior/exterior relationship with the surrounding country will be particularly stressed, and here also a number of videos will be used as an aid to understanding.

On the upper floor are two spaces for workshops, one devoted to form, the other to colour. It will be a place of experiment, in which visitors, be they school parties, families or artists, will be encouraged to play and create.

The Casa di Giotto intends in particular to establish itself as a destination for educational excursions for primary to secondary schools.

Information available at the Biblioteca di Vicchio +39 055 8448251



Published: 10/3/2014

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