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The Museo Benozzo Gozzoli in Castelfiorentino was conceived and constructed for the purpose of giving a home to the frescoes which Benozzo painted for two chapels built near the city.

il museo di benozzo gozzoli tabernacolo della madonna della tosse

The frescoes, which have recently been completely restored, are those of the Tabernacolo della Madonna della Tosse (Chapel of Our Lady of the Cough) and those of the Visitation.
The frescoes were first detached from their original location, where they had been exposed to the inclemency of weather and to the floods of the Elsa River, and placed temporarily in the City Library.

Benozzo Gozzoli was from Florence, but given his mastery he was commissioned work in many areas of Tuscany and of Italy. He however lived and worked for a long period in the Valdesa territory. The new Museum offers a comprehensive view of all his works with the aid of multimedia technology, and connects them to the territory by referring to the places where the works were realized.

The Tabernacolo della Madonna della Tosse was frescoed in 1484. This chapel, situated on the road which leads to Castelnuovo d’Elsa, became important to folk devotion. The townsfolk would take their children to this chapel to preserve them from the ‘bad cough’, which was wide-spread and from which children sometimes died.

The Tabernacolo della Madonna delle Grazie (Chapel of Our Lady of Grace), or of the Visitation, was built in 1491. Besides the hand of Benozzo, that of his sons, and helpers, Alesso and Frencesco, can also be detected. The scenes from the life of the Virgin in the fresco were taken from the apocryphal Gospels.

BE GO Museo Benozzo Gozzoli - Via Testaferrata Castelfiorentino.



Published: 4/3/2014

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