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At a stone’s throw from the city, the large wooded area of Mondeggi offers the opportunity to organize trips and spend days out in the open in a pristine environment.
sentieroThe entrance is free and the park is always open. You can reach it only by car, from Grassina or Antella (two small villages southern to Florence), following the signs to Mondeggi.
The entrance on via di Pullicciano has a large parking.
All cleaned up and made accessible to visitors, this area has been marked with two itineraries, one of which is historical and the other is natural, and enriched with explanatory signs. It is very pleasant to walk along the two itineraries or just outside the Park, along beautiful country paths.
The views are breathtaking here.
This large park has also 7 rest areas with wooden benches and tables, where visitors can enjoy their picnics or barbecues.
The property of Mondeggi has a very old origin; in fact, it has already been mentioned in the documents of the Vallombrosan monks of the Abbey at San Casciano a Montescalari, and even documents dating back to the fourteenth century report on  «a palace with three houses» in Mondeggi, maybe attached to a building, referred to as the «house for ladies» owned by the Bardi family from Florence, which was sold to the Portinari family in 1427.
On the 16th of October 1488, Tommaso known as Folco Portinari, his nephew’s attorney-in-fact, donated the villa to the “Hospital of S. Maria Nuova” which sold it to Guidetto Guidetti in 1506. Ownership was transferred to the della Gherardesca family.  In 1862, at the behest of Conte Ugolino della Gherardesca, the entire building was restored, extended by architects Angelo Foggi and Vincenzo Buffi and frescoed by Olimpio Bandinelli.
After further restoration works carried out in 1888 and 1923, the della Gherardesca counts sold it (1938) to the Ascoli family, from which the villa passed to the Riva family, which carried out further interior modifications; in 1964, Mondeggi became the property of the Provincial Administration of Florence together with the adjoining farm.
Today, it is an agricultural holding with a surface area of 265 hectares in the territory of the municipality of Bagno a Ripoli.


Published: 1/4/2014

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