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Situated in the village of San Donnino, part of the municipality of Campi Bisenzio in the north-west suburbs of Florence, is the Museo di arte sacra.

Although the area has its fair share of economic and social problems, including a large immigrant population struggling to integrate, the museum, which opened some years ago, might well be the envy of considerably more affluent neighbourhoods.

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The museum adjoins the church of Sant’Andrea, occupying the beautiful 14th-century arcade and rooms once reserved for the priest.
It houses a series of fine works: the so-called triptych of San Donnino, a panel painting depicting the Madonna and Child with Four Saints by the Master of Barberino (c. 1366–1369); two paintings with San Donnino and St John the Baptist and a predella depicting the Life of San Donnino executed by Giovanni del Biondo around 1390; two paintings by the School of Ghirlandaio dating to the beginning of the 16th century with San Giuliano and San Rocco; the Madonna of the Rosary and Saints, dating to around 1620 and attributed to Matteo Rosselli.
Besides these pieces, there are also a number of equally interesting works in the church of Sant’Andrea: a Crucifixion from the mid-15th century, a fresco executed by a youthful Domenico del Ghirlandaio with the Madonna Enthroned with Child and St Sebastian and St Giuliano, a lunette with the Baptism of Christ, possibly by David del Ghirlandaio, and a panel painting depicting the Madonna and Child with Saints by Francesco Botticini. The museum also houses liturgical silverware, hangings and ancient fabrics.
The museum is the nerve centre of the Centro Arte e Cultura, which also includes an exhibition space for local (but not exclusively) artists and an educational workshop where it is possible to experiment with various artistic techniques.
The museum is normally open on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning, and on other days if booked in advance.

Museum of Sacred Art - San Donnino
Chiesa di Sant'Andrea - piazza della Costituzione 2

For further details about opening hours or to book, +39 055 8997200

Published: 6/6/2014

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