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Fiesole is very close to the city but has a distinct character of its own. It is situated in a splendidly panoramic position on the hill overlooking Florence.

l anfiteatro

Unlike Florence, Fiesole is of Etruscan origin, and both Etruscan and Roman remains can be found in the extensive Archaeological Area.
Also of great historical value are the Romanesque cathedral of San Romolo, with its characteristic tower-shaped campanile, Palazzo Vescovile, founded in the 11th and rebuilt in the 17th century, and the ancient church of Santa Maria Primerana, which was built over an earlier Etruscan construction.
One good idea for a stroll is to head in the direction of the ancient acropolis, where you will find the basilica of Sant’Alessandro (exhibitions are held here), and the church, convent and Missionary Museum of San Francesco.
The beautiful surrounding scenery makes Fiesole a popular area for walking, with paths heading towards Monte Ceceri and the Caldine.
From Florence you can reach Fiesole by bus nr. 7; or you can reach Fiesole on a beautiful walking tour starting from Florence, via Boccaccio and rising up along the via Vecchia Fiesolana (the old route ).
You will walk among gorgeous villas and have amazing views on Florence.

Published: 28/7/2013

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