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All the buses of the ATAF Transport Company serving the urban area of Florence, including the small buses of the historic centre, can be accessed by the disabled: they have a low-floor platform (operated electronically and manually) and at least a special area for disabled people.


 There are no reductions for disabled tourists; however, there are travel documents at a concessionary fare for the disabled who reside in Tuscany and belong to certain categories (see the link).
For any kind of information (timetables, routes, tickets), kindly refer to the website


Disabled people can easily have access to the tramway: no gap between the platform and entrance to the wagon allows wheelchair users to comfortably have access to the tramway and enjoy the four areas at their disposal on each tramway. Moreover, “loges paths” (loges stands for orientation, guide and safety lines) have been created along the platform for blind or partially sighted users.  For information on timetables, routes, tickets, kindly see the website of GEST SPA.


The two taxi companies of Florence have 8 equipped cars for the disabled on wheelchair. Users have a 15% discount on the common fares. It's better to reserve by calling one of the following companies:

So.Co.Ta. (+39 055 410133)
Co.Ta.Fi  (+39 055 4390)


In Florence, there are two car rental companies, which also have means of transport equipped for disabled people, with different offices in the city. In some cases, it is also possible to book the NCC service (rental with the driver):

Autofficine Poggesi (car repair workshops):tel.+39 055 4564826 – Car rental for disabled people, aids for disabled people
FIBORENT CapCosepuri Tel. + 39 055 4361900 – Rental only with the driver.


Published: 28/5/2018

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