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famiglie e bambini

The splendid collection in the Horne Museum is a journey through time to get an insight into daily life in the 15th and 16th centuries
We seem to have travelled back through the centuries and to be entering a Renaissance house, one in which we find not only precious works of art but also the furniture and the utensils of daily use: welcome to the Horne Museum.

sala del museo horne

Here we may see how the Florentines of the 16th century used to eat, the hundred odd shapes of fork they used, the furniture that stood around them, the scientific instruments, the implements used in the patient work of the womenfolk, the playing cards. It is a kind of journey through time that will have great appeal for grown-ups but also for children.
The limited size of the collection, which therefore does not require too lengthy a visit, and the curiosity it arouses in even the youngest visitors, makes the Horne Museum a delightful and stimulating visit for school parties and families with children.
For this reason the museum frequently organizes workshops, guided tours and "animated" visits for classes but also for families.
To quote from the Touring Club Italiano guidebook A Firenze con i bambini: "Children are great collectors. Tell them that everything they see around them is the 'collection' of Mr Horne, who because he couldn't get it all into an album wanted to have a whole mansion, furnished like a house of Renaissance times".
It was in fact in 1911 that the English architect and art historian Herbert Henry Horne decided to house his incredible collection in such a way as to recreate the atmosphere of a Renaissance home. He therefore bought Palazzo Corsi in Via de' Benci, and here arranged all his paintings, drawings and sculptures, but also pieces of furniture and objects of every shape and kind. On his death in 1916 Horne left his collection to the Italian State, giving birth to a foundation "for the purposes of study". 
In addition to wonderful works by Giotto, Simone Martini, Masaccio, Filippino Lippi and others, the Museum today contains precious works dating from the 13th to the 17th centuries. 
Museo Horne, Via de' Benci 6, Florence  
Opening hours: 
Monday-Saturday 9 am-1 pm (closed Sundays and holidays)
Special opening on request (fee charged)
Tickets: € 5 full price, € 3 reduced
Educational service:
Timetable for activities with schools, 10-12
Tickets: € 3 per pupil for schools (entry fee + instruction)
Entry free for teachers and those accompanying school groups
€ 3 per head for families
Advance booking required
Information and bookings:
Tel. +39 055 244661, Fax +39 055 2009252, 
Reasonable access for the disabled


Published: 20/3/2014

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