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famiglie e bambini

The loveliest historical parks and gardens where children can play, get to know nature, or simply stretch their legs.
stibbert The parks indicated are all in the city and have a long history to tell. In the Park of the Stibbert Museum, in addition to the many plants, children can encounter classical sculptures, ruins, and a pond with a mysterious Egyptian temple rising in the middle!
Here you can have a snack in the shade of horse chestnuts, pines, holm oaks, lindens, and cypresses and play a game of “Guess the tree!”. 
The entrance is in Via F. Stibbert. Admission is free, closed on Thursday. For information: +39 055 486049.
In the Boboli Gardens, on the other hand, it is not permitted to picnic or run. So how can you entertain the children? With imaginative games, like pretending to be a duke or a queen of the past and stroll through the gardens. Created in the mid-1500s by order of Eleanor of Toledo, wife of Cosimo I, the Boboli Gardens became the model of the Italian garden, full of statues, grottoes, and fountains.
Admission is free for children under 18. The ticket office closes one hour prior to closing time. For information: tel. +39 055 294883.
Picnicking is also prohibited at the park of Villa il Ventaglio, in Via Aldini, which is characterised by its large grassy areas ideal for running and inventing games. 
Admission is free. For information: tel. +39 055 580283.
The grotto of animals with walls covered in colourful mosaics, shells, and stones enchants young visitors to the park of Villa Medicea di Castello, in Via di Castello, where it is required to keep to the walking paths. In addition to the grotto, the original sculptures from 1537 that still remain include the Fountain of Hercules and Antaeus, animated by plays of water.
Admission is free, please call ahead to verify the opening times: +39 055 452691.
Another Medici villa with park is located in Via Petraia not far from Villa di Castello. The gardens were created by the Medici family who enjoyed relaxing at the villa far from city life, with three staggered terraces. In the park of Villa di Petraia an area was dedicated to dwarf fruit trees, and the intermediate terrace called Vivaio (here there is a large basin full of fishes, a joy for all children!!!) with two boxwood parterres was where aromatic and medicinal herbs were cultivated.
Admission is free. For information: +39 055 452691.

The Giardino dei Semplici botanical garden, for example, one of the oldest in the world, located in Via P. A. Micheli. Established by Cosimo dei Medici in 1545, here students of medicine engage in the study of medicinal plants. The  garden can also be very interesting for children, especially the collection of carnivorous plants – watch your hands! 

For information: tel. +39 055 2757402.

Published: 17/3/2014

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