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famiglie e bambini

In the environs of Florence there are several adventure parks where you can go if you are getting tired of Florence's art.

Published: 19/6/2017


For little tourists

The little tourists' visit of the city cannot be made solely of museums, churches and palaces. They also need some time to “recharge” themselves, enjoy themselves and carry out outdoor activities!

Published: 27/12/2016


Traditional Snacks

Nowadays bakeries and cake shops in Florence still offer old-time both sweet and sour delicacies.
In the past we used to have very simple snacks, we can all remember a granny preparing “bread, butter and sugar” or “bread, olive oil and tomato” for us.
Published: 3/4/2014


An original day spent in the farm with your family

Do you feel like taking a walk in the countryside? The activities organized by the Fattoria di Maiano could be a great idea to spend a beautiful day with your family.

Published: 26/12/2016


If I get a boo-boo

If minor accidents, such as bad cut or a fracture, happens while you’re in Florence, you should go to the Meyer, one of the most avant-garde pediatrics hospitals in Italy.
Published: 3/4/2014


Opportunities for children

In the city, you can find many facilities managed by the Municipality of Florence that are completely aimed at children, starting from the traditional ludoteche (children’s recreational centers)… to enjoy oneself but also to meet new friends and learn useful things!

Published: 28/5/2014


Inflatable playgrounds

Children love them, parents are willing to bring their children there, many people even organize birthday parties there. Inflatable playgrounds are a good solution for the afternoon in winter when it rains, it is cold and it is pitch dark already at 5 pm.

Published: 20/3/2014