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This name is given to three breeds of cattle that are highly similar and are bred in the same general area: they are the Chianina, the Marchigiana and the Romagnola. The three breeds resemble each other in morphology and in their development, which is particularly precociuos, and yield in meat.

il vitellone bianco

What has made them famous is the quality of the meat which is lean, tasty and low in cholesterol.
Chianina, Marchigiana and Romagnola have an agricultural history in common that reached its peak at the time of share-cropping. When the typical sharecropper farms in the hills of central Italy developped, they were used for the work in the field, considering their natural strenght (it is the largest ox in the world). Only after the mid 19th century they were raised for meat. Now they are considered unique and the name of White Central Apennine Steer was coined for the young beeves.
The cattle are raised in the traditional way. They are never raised on large ranches but only on small farms where cattle are an integral part of the farm resources.

Published: 30/10/2006

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