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In the Mugello area, all the cultural and food traditions of bread are being rediscovered through the promotion of Mugello bread, a product with close links to the territory because its production stream (farm, warehousing centre, mill and bakery) are wholly bound to the area of origin from the field to the table.

il pane del mugello

It is certified by the regional brand of Agriqualità (a white butterfly) that the Tuscany region created for integrated agricultural products (produced with a low environmental impact techniques), the symbol of clean nature because the regulations for environmental safety and consumer protection are followed.
il pane del MugelloMugello bread is healthy and wholesome. It is produced in accordance with the ancient local country tradition, using GM-free soft-grain wheat flour grown on farms who follow integrated cultivation methods. The wheat is ground by a water-powered stone mill which saves the best part of the grain of wheat. The ensuing flour is rich in wheat germ, mineral fibres vitamins and amino acids. Only natural yeast and water are added and the dough is covered with linen cloths and left to rise on wooden tables. After five hours, the loaves are put in wood-fired ovens to bake. In this way, a good fresh bread is produced which keeps well for 5 days and which, when dry, can be used to make some of the typical dishes of the Tuscan cooking tradition (ribollita, panzanella, pappa al pomodoro, etc.). This bread is guaranteed by the Consortium for the Protection and Safeguard of Mugello bread comprising all the producers in the production stream who monitor every phase in the production process. The bread is sold by the bakers who bake it and in other food shops in Mugello, but also in the bakery departments of the main Coops in Florence and Prato.
The companies in the Consortium and its members are: 
Toscana Cereali soc. coop. a r.l.  
Molino Foralossi Carlo di Firenzuola 
Il Vecchio Forno di Polcanto 
Il Panificio Faini Firenze di Luco del Mugello 
Il Forno Conti Giuliano di San Piero a Sieve
Consorzio di Tutela e Promozione Pane del Mugello 
Via Bandini, 6 

Published: 20/3/2014

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