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Tourist buses or coaches coming to Florence should consider the Limited Traffic Zone for buses.

arno pontevecchio

A limited traffic zone for buses (Z.T.L. BUS) has been established in the whole territory of Florence and Galluzzo, valid 24 hours a day. Transit of buses is allowed, only along predetermined itineraries, after payment of a fee and subsequent emission of a pass, which may be collected at one  the checkpoints (it has be displayed on the bus in a clearly visible position always).

There are 2 checkpoints: "Firenze Nord" and "Firenze Sud" (next to the highway exits North Florence and South Florence) reachable through designated access routes. The whole system is called BUSPASS and the procedure can be also activated on line. Check the website for all the detailed information:

he fares change according to a series of factors (typology of bus, location of the hotel, length of the stay etc.). There are also predetermined areas both for parking the buses and also to drop and collect the groups of tourists: Lungarno Pecori Giraldi, Viale Ariosto, Viale Strozzi, Viale Galilei are "pick-up and drop-off" points (24h, maximum 10 minutes), while via della Dogana (next to San Marco Square and Academy Gallery) is only "drop-off" area (h. 8-20, maximum 5 minutes). 

Contacts of the SAS group:

tel.  +39 055 40401 / 4040670 / 4040650

fax +39 055 4040261



Published: 30/1/2017

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