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This page is about a trip to the area known as the Valdarno superiore fiorentino, the stretch of the river Arno running from Figline Valdarno to Florence.  Along the road are castles, villas, country parish churches and some beautiful countryside.

Posted on 31/5/2013


This place is somewhat magic, hidden and very cool during the summer, well known in the area but not mentioned in guide books or other itineraries. It is called Mulinaccio, (literally: bad water mill) and can be reached by taking a pleasant walk from San Vincenzo a Torri, through the beautiful countryside of the hills of Scandicci.

Posted on 11/7/2017


The following question, which is one of the most frequently asked at the information offices, is: How can I reach Pisa or Siena or the seaside from Florence?

In the city there are many agencies that sell organized tours for these destinations, which are quite close and can be easily reached and visited for a daily trip.

Posted on 1/9/2016


Those who want to know more about the city and its surroundings can choose from a wide range of organized tours.

Posted on 23/5/2014